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Singing Groups

Our Singing groups are the best way to build a social support network who will help you build your confidence while enjoying all the benefits of singing. Groups will be formed and will go on a 8 month musical journey together, to ease anxiety and give you that boost to feel good about yourself. 

You don't need to be able to sing to benefit from being part of the group. 

Rise Up And Sing - Dementia

These groups are tailored to people living with dementia. Music and memory have a powerful connection. Songs light up emotional memories and rekindling these can have a beneficial effect. Singing lights up several parts of the brain, reaching parts of it that other methods can't. It improves psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety and agitation which will enhance members quality of life.

Old and Young
World Peace

Charity Partnerships

We have so many great charities in our area and we love to partner up with them and deliver singing sessions that will help their focus groups. There has been extensive research about the positive life enhancement benefits of singing that can impact people of all walks of life. Boosting people's

self-esteem, mood, immune system and creating a support network can be life changing, so let's do it!   


1-1 Singing Sessions

We want to get as many people singing as possible so for those who find a group setting just to daunting at this stage our 1-1 singing sessions might be for you. These sessions will be tailored specifically to individuals with plenty of encouragement and support to build up your confidence in your voice and inspire you to want to use it more to not only sing but in life as well.   

Sheet Music

Staff Wellbeing Sessions


It's important for managers to consider the wellbeing and happiness of their employees. The NHS found that 1 in 3 workers are diagnosed with a mental health condition. 

Our singing sessions connect people socially creating deeper bonds within the staff team, creating a sense of belonging. Singing releases endorphins, serotonin and dopamine - the 'happy' chemicals, let's get more of that in the workplace.  

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